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Dear Party Lab,

I’m holding a baby shower for my best friend and she’s decided not to know in advance the sex of the baby.  So she doesn’t want her baby shower to be pink or blue.  Do you have any ideas beyond color that I can incorporate into the shower to make it more fun and memorable? 


Dear Erin,

For your best friend, we can understand why you want to put some forethought and effort into a theme to celebrate this special occasion.  While “theme” parties can sometimes fall into garish territory, there is a way to do it tastefully and elegantly. For a baby shower, we personally love the whimsical and cheerful theme of “butterflies” which represent a lot of things from new life to new beginnings, change and joy. There are many people who enjoy watching butterflies and find their ethereal beauty inspiring.  

Designing a baby shower around this symbol of new life and beauty also provides a number of design options and colors palettes ranging in neutral shades of soft mint, yellow and lilac. The metaphor of emergence and transition is actually well suited to many events and can work just as well for a wedding or a one year old’s birthday party.  The party ideas and elements to keep your eye on include the following:

INDOOR SET-UP + DECOR:  Luckily butterflies are one of those images that are readily available in a variety of forms from invitations to wrapping paper, washi tape, plates, and glassware, all relatively easy to find decorated with a butterfly image. Even if you are pressed for time, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to gather a few butterfly themed things to make your party look great.  Create small focal points throughout the home.

Butterfly shower party_indoor decoration and set up

OUTDOOR SET-UP + DECOR:  The theme of his party could not have been more perfect for an outdoor setting. Outdoor celebrations create such a dramatic backdrop and no detail was left unturned here, from florals in the shape of butterflies to butterfly drink tags to butterflies peeking out of corner along the vibrantly adorned tables.  Add in lots of garden party elements like ferns and ivy but stay away from any florals so that the butterflies can take central stage.

Butterfly shower party_outdoor set up and decor

FOOD LAYOUT:  Dressing up a cocktail drink is as easy as adding a small embellishment to a basic cocktail stirrer.  Attach little butterfly cut outs onto bamboo sticks to add the right amount of flair to drink glasses.

Butterfly shower party_food ideas and layout

DESSERT TABLE:  Lots of treats can be butterfly-shaped so be sure to create a fabulous dessert table where the sweets look divine and the butterflies bring freedom and expression!  Be sure to include a cake decorated with butterflies in the sweet array of desserts!

Butterfly shower party_sweets and dessert table


Butterfly shower party_invitation


Butterfly shower party_party favours  


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