It's All in the Details

As someone who has organized events professionally, I often see them from a different perspective – call it an occupational hazard! I’ve had the privilege of attending incredibly elaborate Hollywood bashes with celebrities in tow; lavish black-tie gala dinners; and amazing destination weddings. Yet often, the most memorable events for me are not the ones that have the largest budgets or teams of professional event organizers – they’re often the ones with the most “heart”. 

When I worked at The Walt Disney Company, there was actually a term to describe this - it was called the “Disney difference”. I worked specifically in the television unit and it was a term used to distinguish how Disney was different from our competitors who were equally powerful and world-renown media and entertainment studios.   It was all about that impeccable attention to detail and the extra touch of magic that includes warm hospitality and exceeding expectations that set us apart.

Nowadays, with two young girls, the majority of my party-hopping is contained to the adolescent birthday party space! Often, I see many parents get stressed out from the thought of having to throw a party whilst also working within constraints such as budget, finding the time to organize or even knowing what makes for a good party.  

But the principles of the “Disney difference” apply even to kids’ parties. I’ve often found that the best parties are those that think of the little details and that take into consideration the personality of the guest-of-honor. This definitely does not require a lot of money but it does take some thoughtfulness especially during the planning stage.

Eden Celebrations came about as a way to “bottle” the Disney Difference into a collection of themed party boxes. Our hope is that these party boxes will reduce the stress and work that goes into planning your next event, especially for those who are short on time or need a kickstart with a ready-set theme. Speaking of themes, we started with three that we felt were the most universal – Pink Ombre, Frozen and Tuxedo - and will look to expand with new themes over time. 

So if you have any suggestions for new themes or have a party-planning question that I can address through this blog, we’d love to hear from you. Please drop us a line at hello[at]

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