How It All Began

Admittedly, it’s all kindof a blur on how I came to start Eden Celebrations. I mean, I already had (and still have!) a very busy full-time job working in non-profit where I oversee marketing communications, fundraising and volunteer engagement – yes, that is all in one job!! I also have two young energetic girls at home plus a very sympathetic husband. Then there are all the other personal commitments such as to my hockey team, friends and church. Many would then ask, “what on earth would possess you to want to start this side gig called Eden Celebrations?!!”  

There are many moments, particularly when I’m still burning the midnight oil at 2:00am trying to fit in as much work before the girls wake up for school at 6:00am that I question the sanity of this decision!  But then there are those moments where it all crystallizes and I can recall several reasons why I started Eden Celebrations – namely for the creative expression and to help others bring create special memories for life's celebratory moments. 

Before I joined the non-profit sector, I cut my teeth working as a corporate marketing professional at the two biggest media & entertainment studios – The Walt Disney Company and Warner Bros. It was a fun & fabulous time where I learned from the best about creating awesome consumer experiences, the importance of building strong brands (and the emotions associated with it) and in “delighting” customers.

After closing that chapter of my career (and with no regrets!), I entered the more serious world of non-profit where the issues we deal with are taboo in our community – teenage crisis pregnancy, adoption, foster care and sex education. It was a change that I admittedly did not enter intentionally (but that’s another blog for another time!) but have been amazed at how the work has been incredibly fulfilling in ways that are immeasurable and cannot put a value on. I mean, there is no better feeling than to know that through the work of our organization, we are making a difference in a young girl or child’s life. To help them stand when they are not able to help themselves. To care for them when there is no one else going to bat for them. And to give hope when they cannot see beyond the darkness of their present situation.

I know it seems like I’m veering off track here (my husband always says I’m guilty of “spider-webbing”) but hang in there, I am going somewhere with this!!  In the midst of all this, even though my “day” job does require a lot of “thinking-out-of-the-box” to innovate and to find solutions to the somber problems that we serve, it does take its toll because the work can be emotionally draining. To recharge myself, I found myself diving into planning parties for my girls to be a time of relaxation. I loved the whole creative process of coming up with a theme and then planning all the little details to make it special such as the food, activities/entertainment, goody bags, decor and more! It got to the point where I was even creating “extra” parties such as Princess Tea Parties during Birthday and Christmas off-season because I enjoyed it so much!

Often, after each event, parents would ask where I sourced the various party items, advice on other themes and ideas etc. It dawned on me then that we are all gifted and wired with different talents - not everyone considers organizing parties to be “fun” nor enjoyable! 

Eden Celebrations came about as an avenue to direct all this creative energy and I hope that we can play some small role in helping you to host fun & fabulous celebrations that is less stressful and more memorable!  

Now let the party begin!!   

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