Don't Forget to Fill the Piñata

I wanted to follow-up from my last blog posting with a particular focus on the “details” because this is often what makes the party both personalized and distinct. Often, many fall short when planning a party with the misbelief that once the venue has been booked and the food ordered, the bulk of the work is done. I’m sure you’ve been to many of these types of parties and the word to best describe the atmosphere is “generic” or “bland”.  

The good news is that there are many simple and low-cost ways to counter this. It just involves a little bit more planning upfront. The best way for idea generation is to start with the guest-of-honor. Everyone has a special passion or interest – it could range from sports to hobbies to a love of travel/animals/causes/food/etc. Spend time finding out what it is for your guest-of-honor - the quirkier it is, the more fun it will be to plan!   Maybe he has a special love for astronomy or World of Warcraft? Or perhaps she’s a big knitter or is a shoe-aholic? Or maybe she has a special love for giraffes or turtles or owls (I know many people like this!). Oh the possibilities!! 

My husband and I are BIG time ice-cream fans so when we got married, surprise, surprise – ice-cream was one of our themes! We had an ice-cream bar set up for guests, the tables were named after Ben & Jerry flavors and our thank you gift for guests was a sunflower kit that came in a Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream pint! To this day, our guests still reminisce about those details!

Oh, and in case you were wondering why this blog is titled “Don’t forget to fill the piñata”, it’s a little story + reminder on why it’s important to remember the details. At most kids’ parties that I go to, if there is a piñata there, that’s often a huge highlight for the kids. For any of you who have ever bought one, you will know that they usually come empty. Sadly, we were at a party when the parents didn’t realize this and when the piñata was broken and nothing came spilling out, the kids were devastated. And so were the parents.

So remember the details and don’t forget to fill the pinata!

p.s. If you’re organizing a kids’ birthday party, I’ve found that the other huge hit is the goody bag. These good bags do not have to be expensive – I’ve found that my girls get the most thrill when there’s simple candy and a tchotchke item from the dollar store!! They are also a great gesture on behalf of the birthday child to thank their guests for coming.

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