Luck of the Irish

In the last two blog postings, I wrote on how it’s in the “details” that helps to elevate an event from “meh” to “best-party-ever” status. Since then, I’ve had more than one person question how it’s possible to do this without spending any money. Let me give you a recent example.

This past summer, I had a friend approach me about the planning of her husband’s 40th birthday party. She had already booked out a very chi-chi private kitchen for the festivities so the line-up of food and wine no doubt would be top-notch. But she was struggling with the detail and the décor which up until that point, because her husband was a proud Irish lad, included the buying of some green and gold Irish-themed decoration from a mass online party retailer which included dancing leprechauns!

I asked her to let me think about it and 30 minutes later, I came back with a list of ideas for theme, décor, activities and entertainment - some that included money and some that didn’t. She was very appreciative for the help and leading up to the party, I wasn’t quite sure if she implemented any of the ideas, if at all.

On the Monday following the party, she approached me to enthusiastically thank me for the help. Turns out that she did implement one idea – it was asking all guests to come with a limerick, in lieu of a gift, in honor of her husband’s birthday. More than 30 were read aloud that evening - there was even an award for the best limerick - including many from friends and family from overseas who could not attend the festivities. Tears and laughter ran throughout the evening as guest after guest stood up to share their personal tribute to a dear friend on his 40th birthday. Even with all the beautiful food and wine from the evening, according to my friend, her husband said that the best part of his birthday was hands down the limericks. Because like the Mastercard commercial eschews, there are just some things in life that are priceless, especially when it comes straight from the heart.

If you’d like some help planning your next big bash and don’t mind sharing it on this blog, please drop us a line at hello[at] – we’d love to help!

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