Party Planning Hacks

We've all been to those parties where it was just magical and you never wanted the evening to end!  The host was delightful, the ambience was magical, the food + drink were delicious and the company was entertaining!  Yet when it's your turn to host, as excited as you are at the idea of hosting, you are also paralyzed into inaction.  We find the reasons tend to fall under one of the below categories:

Stretched for Time

You're juggling to keep all the balls of "life" from dropping and have no idea how you'll find the time or energy to organise that [insert here - wedding, birthday, baby shower, anniversary, etc].  Though you love a great party as much as the next person, the thought of having to organise one is enough to make you hibernate under your covers!

DIY Challenged

Blame it on Martha Stewart, the Queen of DIY (Do It Yourself), who has turned party planning and the art of glue gunning into beautiful works of perfection.  All made by hand.  Yet you failed crafts as a kid in summer camp and your recent attempt to mod podge turned into one big hodge podge!  Let's be honest - you're more comfortable with DFY (Done For You)!

The Pinterest Vortex

OK, Pinterest is at fault too.  You have amassed a vast collection of Pinterest boards for inspiration from gorgeous parties and beautiful weddings (even though you're happily married)!  Yet when you attempt to organise your own, it somehow doesn't come together nor does it resemble the photos.  Not. Even. Close.

To make your next celebration unique + memorable, here are 3 simple tips from Eden Celebrations to elevate your next special event:

1.  Select a Theme

Having a party theme helps to personalize the festivities around the guest-of-honor and also creates an anchor for the rest of the party planning from food selection to music, décor and more! Below are just a couple of ideas for themes to get you started:  

Color:   This is a simple but highly effective way of creating an atmosphere for a party. Pick a color that is a favorite of the guest-of-honor. Or select a color based on the mood that you’d like to set for the party – for example, an “all-white” party conjures up the atmosphere of cool and modern while the other extreme invokes a multi-colored “rainbow” extravaganza … and The Wizard of Oz!  

A favorite past-time/passion: The sky’s the limit when it comes to plethora of choices but by focusing on the personal interest(s) of the guest-of-honor (not your own!), then the choices are considerably narrowed. And no topic is too hard! Is the guest-of-honor a bookworm that loves to read? Or perhaps a foodie that figuratively devours the latest food magazines? Or maybe has a very healthy collection of stamps or vintage cameras or a love of travel? When the theme is carefully selected & personalized, the whole celebration then becomes a further extension of the guest-of-honor! 

2.  Dress It Up!

There’s nothing that enhances a party as well as creates awesome photo moments than to have guests arrive in “dress up”! This doesn’t have to be a full blown costume - it can be as simple as coming dressed in a particular color or having something ready for guests to wear upon arrival (eg. a lei, masquerade mask, etc)!

3.  Last Impressions
The party is starting to wind down and all your guests had an awesome time. As they prepare to leave, having a small giveaway for each to take home is a way to take the fun with them and to thank them for coming! This doesn't have to be an expensive item – it's really the thought that counts. Just remember to keep it within the theme!

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