Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Coming soon to a party near you!

Star Wars party box

This is the opening weekend of Star Wars – The Force Awakens and for many die-hard fans, the much-awaited release could not come soon enough!  As I looked around the sold-out cinema, it was interesting to observe that 90% of the theatre was packed with males, primarily aged 40+, and all carrying a look of anxious anticipation on their face, including my own long-suffering husband! It has been a painfully long wait for Star Wars devotees, seven years to be specific since Star Wars: The Clone Wars!   

Leading up the release, it was heart-warming to read & watch stories of fathers sharing their love for this sci-fi classic with their children by re-watching some (or all!) of the Star Wars franchise. The fervor and emotions from this predominantly male fan base really struck me as it’s rare to see men exhibit such united passion outside of sports! Women, on the other hand, can exhibit the same joy & exuberance over a viral video of an adorable kitten or baby!  It was fascinating also to see all the post-movie dissection – almost screen-by-screen – of all the new characters, the story plot and all the different conspiracy theories. 

With this devoted audience in mind, we were inspired to create a Star Wars themed party box so that significant events in their life - from birthdays to anniversaries and maybe even a wedding – can be celebrated alongside their love for all-things Star Wars!  So we are excited to present the ultimate Star Wars themed party box, a striking collection of black, white and silver party items and unique supplies to help set the backdrop and ambience of Star Wars. This is a great opportunity also to display the guest-of-honor’s undoubtedly large collection of Star Wars movie merchandise as part of the décor and to further personalize the event!

Our hope is that this Star Wars party theme will help to continue bringing joy to fans in their love for Star Wars.  So for your next party celebration, no matter what the theme, May the Force Be With You! 

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