Our Story

About Lily

I never realised my passion for planning parties + events until my wedding - I truly love making each one distinct and memorable for guests. Working ten years at a media + entertainment giant known for, well, being the “happiest place on earth”, it was there that I honed the craft of creating unique customer experiences, celebrating innovative ideas and taking pride in delighting clients.

About Carolyn

I discovered my hidden party planning talent while working with Lily at the “happiest place on Earth”.  In the last 10 years I’ve planned themed events both professionally and personally that range from multi-country showcases to epic multi-yacht parties.  We know there’s a lot of hard work that goes into pulling off the perfect event.  We’re here to make it not only easier, but flawless.

About Eden Celebrations

Eden Celebrations became an avenue for us to continue our creative expression through party planning by helping to create sophisticated + memorable experiences for some of life’s most special moments. From birthdays to weddings, showers and anniversaries, our themed collections contain all the essentials needed to spark the imagination for your next celebratory event.

We hope that Eden Celebrations can play a part in bringing a sprinkle of “pixie dust” to your next event too!

So, let’s get the party started!!
Lily + Carolyn xx