Frozen themed party
Frozen party ware

Frozen Party Box


Let it go, let it go!  The Frozen obsession has reached fever pitch and this collection will be sure not to leave anyone out in the cold!  This collection in soft white, sparkly silver + a blue color palette will conjure up the magical kingdom of Arendelle at your next party celebration!  Because some parties are worth melting for!  

1. Pom pom ball, 35cm, 9pc, 3 colors
2. Snowflake fan, 6pc, 2 sizes
3. Paper circle lantern, 30cm, 6pc, 3 colors
4. Glitter circle garland, 2pc
5. Sparkly silver table runner, 30 x 200cm
6. Paper napkin, 16.5cm, 40pc
7. Paper cup, 207mL, 50pc
8. Paper plate, 18cm, 30pc
9. Giant balloon, 36”, 2pc
10. Silver sequin balloon garland, 4pc
11. Paper candy bag, 25pc
12. Silver plastic utensils, 48pc
13. 3-tier silver cupcake stand
14. Paper candy cup, 25pc
15. Silver snowflake sequins
16. Paper straw, 25cm, 25pc