Star Wars party
Star Wars party in a box

Star Wars Party Box


For the avid Star Wars fan who spans gender + generations, Dec 18th could not come quick enough for the much-anticipated release of The Force Awakens!  And what better reason to throw a party than to celebrate the return of this sci-fi classic!

This striking collection of black, white + silver partyware serves as the perfect backdrop for an awesome intergalactic party. Accessorize with your very own impressive collection of Star Wars memorabilia all out on display!  Activities can include:

  • Holding a costume contest for guests who come in character – one for Jedis and one for Padawans! 
  • Running a movie marathon session.  Be sure to include spoofs and Star Wars spinoffs too! 
  • Hosting a Trilogy trivia game show + compete to find out who the force is strong with. 
  • Creating your own fan homage to Star Wars and post it onto YouTube

Throw the best bash in the Galaxy with the help of this Star Wars inspired party kit – it’s sure to be a hit with your little Jedi or Leia as well as nostalgic grown-ups! Be sure to pump up the soundtrack, especially The Imperial March, to full volume throughout the party!  Please note:  Star Wars memorabilia in photos not included!

  1. 16” Silver foil alphabet letters, May The Force Be With You, 1 set
  2. 36” Quadrangle silver foil balloons, 2pc
  3. 25” Quadrangle silver foil balloons, 4pc
  4. Black circle garlands, 1m each, 4pc
  5. Paper circle lantern, 30cm, 3 colors, 6pc
  6. Honeycomb lanterns, 30cm, 2 colors, 4pc
  7. Silver glitter table runner, 30 x 200cm, 1pc
  8. Yellow LED hand held glow sticks, 4pc
  9. Serving trays, 2 colors, 13 x 32cm, 4pc
  10. Black hors d’oeuvre plastic plates, 24pc
  11. Silver cupcake liners, ~40pc
  12. Silver cupcake stand, 1pc
  13. Silver star cupcake picks, 24pc
  14. Black thermal cups, 25pc
  15. Goblet, 24pc
  16. Utensils, 2 styles, 25pc each
  17. Paper napkins, 2pk